Pure Cardamom Extract, Natural (SC-Item 053)

This is the first in a series where we will highlight interesting
extracts and flavors and possible applications.

Our Pure Cardamom Extract, Natural (SC-Item 053), which was
introduced a few years ago primarily for use in baking and other
sweet applications, has been re-discovered. The extracts strong,
but pleasant aromatic quality and slight pungency is gaining
acceptance among product developers looking for “new” flavor
modifiers that are not easily recognizable to North America
consumers. Cardamom is rarely used or found in North American
kitchens and as a result most consumers do not recognize its
unique flavor.

Our Pure Cardamom Extract, Natural blends well with other sweet
spices, vanilla and many tropical flavors. It contains just three
ingredients – ethyl alcohol, water and natural flavor (cardamom
oil), which makes it acceptable for “clean label” applications, due
to the simplicity of its ingredients. Its traditional use in Ayurveda
treatments of infections, digestive disorders and skin problems,
also adds to its appeal, especially in beverages perceived as
therapeutic or functional.

The cardamom oil used to make our extract is distilled from the
aromatic seeds found in the dried, unripe fruit pods of Eletteria
cadamomum. Cardamom is grown primarily in India and
Guatemala. The largest importers of the seeds (whole and
ground) are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Arab Emirates where it
is used in “gahwa” – a strong cardamom flavored coffee served to
welcome guests to homes and businesses. India is the largest
consumer of cardamom, where it is a commonly used for cooking
and baking.

Product developers that would like to evaluate a sample of our
Pure Cardamom Extract, Natural (SC-Item 053), can request a sample by emailing knunez@apexflavors.com. This extract is also available at http://www.apexflavors.com.

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