Lemon & Elder Flower Extract, Natural WONF

This is the second in a series where we will highlight interesting extracts and flavors.
In late March, it was announced  that the cake at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s upcoming royal wedding would be a Lemon Elder Flower cake, which sparked a great deal of interest, not only in the combined flavor, but also in Elder Flower Extract as a stand alone flavor.  
Apex flavors, Inc. has offered Elder Flower Extract, Natural WONF for the last two years and introduced Lemon & Elder Flower Extract, Natural WONF two weeks  ago.  The sweet, floral notes of the elder flower compliment the fresh, clean notes of the lemon and the combination is sublime. Besides cakes, cookies, and butter cream, this flavor can be used in a wide a range of food and beverage applications.  Lemon & Elder Flower Extract is a great general purpose flavor for simple syrup. The flavored syrup can be used in iced tea, still or carbonated water and Mojito type alcoholic beverages.  The extract is gaining popularity as a flavoring for beer, cider, wine and distilled spirits. It blends especially well with gin flavored spirits.
For more information about Elder Flower Extract, Natural WONF or Lemon & Elder Flower Extract, Natural WONF, please call  Apex Flavors at 410-565-6600 or email customerservice@apexflavors.com

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